Sunday, 8 March 2009

Come on Legs, do your stuff!*

After a nights sleep interrupted by a howling gale driving torrential rain against our window, I expected to wake and find a washed out road system covered in storm debris. Nope, clear blue sky, dry road and a biting cold wind.

The weather was good, the wind was bad, my legs were worse.

Even so, a couple of hours with decent km covered, climbs made in bigger gears (even big ringed) and finding a beautiful (to look at, not to ride on) section of pavé that connects to a mini Muur, made it all worthwhile.

So not a bad ride really, once the suffering placed in context.

As a sidenote, my computer joined my legs in turning itself on and off throughout my ride, left me ''

*Tribute to Rocket Ron Fawcett