Tuesday, 17 March 2009


You're out on the bike.
You're sitting down to write (with varying degrees of literacy).
Yet while you're riding, you don't write and if you write while the sun shines, you aren't riding.


The sun has been shining so I've been riding. Laying down the base miles without actually getting too stressed about it, surprisingly. I found Swiss Hill having never been there before, miscalculated and ended up riding down it. After stopping to gather my fillings and put my eyes back in I decided to carry on rather than turn around and ride back up, as the ride would have become far to contrived for my liking preferring the loop to have some semblance of flow. I'll be returning on a regular basis to put this secteur to the sword.

Apparently the spring weather we've been experiencing is going to turn around and bite us, which is what I thought would happen at last years Roubaix. I was ready for the whole mud and guts, Hincapie falling in a ditch experience. I had thermals, goretex, wellies, the whole shooting match.

The weather was glorious sunshine, fresh breeze, but no need for the extreme weather gear. The wellies enjoyed their holiday to France, even if they didn't make it out of the car boot.

This weekends weather reminded me of last years raceday, surely the weather will have a hand to play after a good few years of sun and dust.