Thursday, 19 March 2009

Me Me and the Gimme Gimmes

So the Caravane Publicitaire arrives and begins the process of dispensing free gifts to all and sundry via the medium of open window and carefully pitched throw, all while traveling at a healthy lick (the breakaway won't slow down to accommodate our lust for a free sunhat).

Every time a window opens from a speeding vehicle I'm blocked/mobbed/jostled (call it what you will) by an overly enthusiastic gentleman jumping up and down giving the gimme gimme sign with both hands whilst trying to control the goodies he's already accumulated, a feat in itself. At this moment he's managed to catch everything thrown from said windows and whether he's fueled by his own greed or is collecting for a legion of kids left at home, his passion's commendable yet amusing and annoying in equal amounts.

The next auto arrives and throws.

He leaps, catches, drops his booty and bends down to pick it up.

I get hit in the face by an eraser and a packet of hard boiled sweets.

And a newspaper.