Thursday, 9 April 2009

Seconds out Ronde Two

As promised earlier a belated post Ronde post (enjoyed that phrase so much I used it twice).

So what can I add to the post race critique. Just a few notes.

What's happening at Lotto. The management must be spitting feathers at Quicksteps dominance.Was Hoste's participation in the early break planned to advance a team members cause, ie. Gilbert , or did he completely fluff it? Luckily Gilbert saved their grace to a degree with his third place.

Exercise in futility. Flecha bursting from the field on the Muur to chase down no-one to be closed down by everyone. Save your energy for another day.

Puncheur award. Boonen without a doubt. Tried hard on every berg. Great to watch powering along the Kassien (I should know I've watched it twice now).

Camera angle. The camera shot from above the Koppenberg actually portrayed the angle and severity and the effect the berg had on the momentum of the field.

Stijn Devolder. Power, Power, Power. Bridged, countered and left em for dead; Supported by a current super power of Spring Classics teams.

The embarrassment I would have felt, posting artwork with the victor's name misspelled. Argh, Did I say that out loud?