Friday, 12 June 2009

Hand Sling

Comments are great and I love reading them, I suppose this is where Twitter finds it niche (although in the time trial of life I'm finding it difficult enough to post never mind twit).

Andy Waterman's comment on the motocross post warrant's a Hand Sling onto the front page. This is close (Andy's own admission) to what I was referring to in the last post and I'm looking forward to the hard earned film skills being transfered to Cross, the Road or a cobble Classic.

So come on photographers, Filmographers, Cinematographers or any other Ographers the gauntlet's starting to be thrown down.

As a foot note this is probably one of the only posts that will grace these pages that contain Mountain bikes. In the name of spreading my horizons it's a goer, but you'll never tear me from the road and the childhood memories of Greg winning the Tour.

But that's another story.