Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Return to Cool...The Cool pt. 3

The Giro is now becoming a distant memory yet the tribulations of life have succeeded in denying me the chance to sit down and watch it's closing moments. I have it recorded and will watch it, but sacrificing precious recovery sleep when I'm not getting enough as it is, is a difficult choice to make.

I doubt a spring classic would get this treatment, I owe an apology to the Giro.

My pet concept of Sprezzatura warrants a final time trial though.

What does it mean to us? I believe it's probably at the core of Road Cycling. The many blogs that extol the virtues of PRO - from your pre ride customs to bike to riding to post ride refinements - are probably talking about Sprezzatura to varying degrees. Yet blindly striving for inclusion to the club of PRO probably would not be Sprezzatura-like. A Renaissance courtier would have been expected to have a wide range of abilities, all done to their best. In this context we as cyclists should broaden our horizons, embrace our weakspots and work on them, create a sense of balance and do what we do with style.

Sprezzatura did become tarnished with the nonchalance and arrogance of the successful, becoming a highly negative energy focused on the aspirant. Something we should maybe bear in mind as we pass judgement (maybe unintentionally) on our fellow cyclist.

So where does Giovanni Agnelli come into it? The ex head of FIAT was said to be the pinnacle of men's fashion and grooming and with style, flair and knowledge of self he was able to twist the rules of dressing - e.g wearing his wristwatch over his cuff, at will in order to lull his competitors into a false sense of security.

So next time you get dropped by a old guy with unshaven legs, on a nail, with black socks on, stop and think. He may just have more style than you realise.