Monday, 31 August 2009

Team Work....

I can finally come clean. You've noted the infrequent posts, the eluding to a secret space out there and the non too subtle post about something happening at Here Come the Belgians.

Well without further a do, the secrets ready to be told....Roll the drums Teppo!

I'm very happy to announce Here Come the Belgians has a

It started as an initial hare brain idea between myself and Alan 'crossjunkie' Dorrington and now over a few short weeks has developed into a sartorially elegant team kit, uncanny choice in riding machinery and their livery and a group of like minded people with an eye for cyclocross and the cobbled classics.

So what does this mean for me? The Here Come the Belgians team has it's own blog (
the secret space here) and team members will be contributing their own perspectives on riding and racing. So for me this blog remains as my semi literate artistic vent whilst any riding experiences I have will be over with my team mates on the team site.

Then what does it mean for you? Get a vibe and some aesthetics over here, then get over to the team blog to see what, how and where we've been riding. A variety of perspectives and attitudes coming together in a collective team effort. As a heads up cyclocross is 5 days away and we'll be getting dirty.

On another level, our team could be yours. This isn't an elitist exclusive effort and if you're interested in being part of the team it's really very easy. I'll deal with details when I post about our kit later.

There you go, that's it, I'm genuinely excited about the forthcoming months. Look out in the next few days as I and I'm sure
Crossjunkie will be covering the kit, bikes and riders.

So then, why are you over there when you could be
Team Here...