Thursday, 17 September 2009


Our first race as a defined team has been and gone (check our reports here & here), and with it a combination of excitement, frantic designing, bike building, worrying and general stoke for the season opener.

I now feel flat. The general pace that everything came together has been replaced with an ethereal calm. I think I'm addicted and I want more. It's just too quiet.

Quiet is a slight understatement. The turbo has been dragged kicking and screaming from it's summer hiding place. It's hibernation rudely awakened with a volley of intervals and will do so until it's battered body can return to slumber. Not for a good few weeks yet.

My design output has dried up this week, a victim of modern life and it's tribulations. I have the key for the floodgates and expect to turn it in a short while. Keep an eye out for a limited number of team caps making an appearance, you'll have to be quick to get your hands (or head in) one.

The Vuelta's been chugging it's merry Sangria'd way around Spain yet hasn't found it's way on my radar. Even as a child, it wasn't a race I followed or was interested in. Uncanny then, that I flick Eurosport over to see Lars Boom laying waste to the breakaway and finishing alone. Fantastic. Hopefully Rabo will channel his talent towards the only races that matter...The Classics. A Boonen, Boom shootout in Roubaix, how the fantasy cycling mind wanders.

Having said that Boom looks better covered in mud thought, doesn't he.

The cruelty of the microbiologial world has visited Bart Wellens, which is harsh as he's a great competitor. Wax on, wax off karate kid.

So after a flurry of spectating, back to preparation for tonights turbo session.