Friday, 26 March 2010

Leif Hoste we love you...

You can do it we know you can.

Could this rendition of the cobble classics be a triumphant parade for Mr. Hoste, another bridesmaid affair or a gentle wimpering into obscurity?

Unfortunately I'm inclined to think it may be the two later choices.

Whatever happens you can't beat the fly eyed, pointy elbowed riders pre-ride style (although some beg to differ). As mentioned before I'm a sucker for the whole theatre of the cobble training ride, the leg warmers, overshoes and Sprezzatura.

I supposed it's a case of form over function, whereas raceday is seriously function over form. After all, victory is everything (especially to a baying crowd of Flandrians).

So, if all's lost Leif go out in a blaze of muck and bullets, kicking and screaming...

...actually better not.

It may be a monopoly moment.
Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

Seperated at birth, Jacques Brel, Leif Hoste, Jacques Hoste, Leif Brel

This post was brought to you by 'Here Come the Belgians favourite Belgian riders supporters club'...maybe we might have to shorten the name it ain't too snappy... and the roadside banner will have to be as long as the carrefour de l'arbre