Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ronde Van Oost Lancashire

The Belgians Semi-classics have tantalised our tastebuds and we're getting pysched for the monuments.

Prior to it all, we're going riding. Brainchild of Alan 'Crossjunkie' Dorrington a pre-RVV loop to get you in the mood. Here's Crossjunkie's take on it all;

"...the feel and cobbles of a Spring Classic, with some beautiful North West countryside thrown in for good measure.

Come and join us on April 3rd - all are welcome. It is fair to point out that both routes are challenging and require a reasonable degree of fitness, though the Achtervolgers group will miss out some miles and a fair amount of extra climbing from the full route without foregoing the Flandrian feel. We are running it as a 'Gentleman's and Ladies' ride and will ride together and look after each other in time honoured fashion, though I suspect there may be some action on the climbs....

Further info here:

Cue sheet

Route desciption

Disclaimer: This is a social ride, not a competitive event. All riders participate entirely at their own risk and liability."

See you there then. Double bartape wrap optional.