Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tell me it isn't true...

Well looks like they've done it.

Canyon gives Gilbert's bike the Kasseiklassieker makeover.

So that's it then, Gilbert's hopes of a win scuppered by a bike that looks as heavy as the stones it's being ridden over and as welcoming as the chipped, stained, earthenware mug that you invariably find in the barren cupboards of holiday accommodation the world over (and have no choice but to drink from as coffee in cupped hands is a difficult proposition).

Apparently the bike will be auctioned after the race with Gilbert undoubtedly glad to see it go with the relief you also feel leaving the stained holiday crockery behind and returning to your much cherished drinking vessels.

More pics here. Surely it's a spoof, come on, tell me it isn't true.