Monday, 10 May 2010


So the dust has finally settled on the 2010 Classics and I'll admit I'm focussing on the cross season, as, call me shallow there's only two real seasons to me, cross & classics. Sure we're into the grand tours but my attention span for cycling chess is short.

So it seemed with resounding, crushing victories in a handful of the monuments, Cancellara had both flattened his opponents and our excitement for close racing. On the back of this, it also read (if you can read video edits) that the equipment manu's had also dealt a swift, decisive blow to their competition. Specialized rushed the footage out almost instantaneously...and we were left wondering where the other companies perspectives were. Upon overwhelming defeat had they left memories well alone, with a view to focus on the future?

Fortunately no. Cervélo's edit is definitely a thought provoking piece. Granted there's a dose of brand strengthening and positive spin but there's a very healthy message for the grassroots racer, one of process over result. One of, 'get out there, give it a shot and see what happens'. I applaud their concept, it's one we can all keep in the back of our minds.

Have a look, see what you think.