Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cross Health Check

Yeah, yeah I've had a brief hiatus on the writing front but not for want of trying.

The blog's had another subtle makeover and I've got a t-shirt in the pipeline (with the lion suit wearing man front and centre). A set of posters are currently in artworking for the cross race on Todmorden and the team cap and winter hat have had a subtle makeover and should be landing around Christmas.

On the racing front it feels like the focus is on health. My racing calendar was stacked out in October but my results were nothing to write home about and I felt as if I was grinding myself into a breathless pulp. I know I have asthma but didn't realise how out of control it probably was. A brief rest period (including a few birthday weekends) a visit to the docs and a new inhaling regime hopefully have me back on track this weekend in Bolton.

Actually can't complain though as I improved my finishing position at every race. It just wasn't the finishing spot I wanted.

It's not just my ailments though, I've enjoyed reading I Go With Fergus on his asthma battle whilst Ian Field, Ben Spurrier and Christine Vardaros have all had their own health issues.

Bloody cyclocross, it doesn't take prisoners...

...still bloody lovin it though.