Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Gear...

Past: My last race (Bolton) came and went without much fanfare and the asthma seemed far better controlled than previously Partly due to my medication routine and warmup and partly due to taking my foot off the gas in the race - conditions under wheel were sketchy throughout the course and an easier ride was preferred over a broken collar bone. It's a shame really but you have to put real life and work before transient bike borne dice rolling. Thanks for the comments concerning the asthma, I'm looking forward to a rest in January and a slacking of the inhaling regime, my throat will thank me for it.

Present: The Todmorden poster was done and dusted when I had an enquiry from -an endurance mountain bike multitasking provider, for a kit design, which resulted in a focused effort to get it turned around quickly. The desire was for an simple, minimal design (avoiding any motocross type layout) in both a summer and winter version. The result can be seen above and will be available shortly over at their place. While you're at it, and if you're into your enduro mtb, have a look at the black mountain 3 day looks pretty pro.

The intro for the work came from Paul over at Shoestring Racing who's part of the Bearded Man setup along with David Warren. Now me & Paul have some history and we're going riding next week (as I haven't seen him for a good while). I've some stories of our adventures that I'll try and tell over the next few weeks, think crashing, driving with one hand and hospital visits. BMX hell yeah!!!

Christmas. Drink, Fooooood, Drink, TV.
Macclesfield Supercross - You can't miss any race with supercross in the title where you don't have to clear any doubles.
Tour de Ski - If only we had the culture of cross country skiing as it looks like we now have the weather.
Vierschanzentournee - How do they learn to do that? Come on Janne Ahonen!!
World Strongest Man - Which channel has the freak show been marginalised to? Should be on the beeb front and centre I say.

So have a happy holiday, make cheer and be merry and imbibe many a mulled wine!

Have a good one!