Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Inside Track...

Roughly a week ago I had the opportunity for free tickets to the Track World Cup at the Manchester Velodrome. Now being a track virgin I was pretty much open to any new experience I could have and it pretty much blew me away.

The atmosphere was electric, a good natured yet partisan crowd, gladiator hype music and monsterous performances by all (bar an ill mannered Ukrainian rider). I really, honestly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone - especially if you can get barrierside seats.

One thing bugged me though. The derny rider was too young and thin. Wasn't wearing merino and the derny was green!! GREEN! I mean come on, lets have it a vintage brown, mustard or celeste, with plenty of paint chips. The driver didn't have a handlebar moustache nor was smoking a cigar...rubbish, I'm complaining to the UCI.

The Keirin which Chris Hoy won has been well documented but seeing it unfold infront of your eyes was something else. The relative tranquility of the lead laps followed by Hoy putting the hammer down passing everyone around the backstraight to leave a wake of flailing bodies as if a bicycle riding tornado had just passed through.

The mayhem of the aftershock was crazy, floundering riders trying to cross the line and the Malaysian rider collapsing just around the curve (with the huge lump of wood in his leg) from where we stood. Serious Chapeau.

Here it is in all it's glory.

Like I said if you get the chance to go and see the top guys... go.

It's very good. Very very good.