Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ronde 4...

Blimey T minus 2.. or it might be 1 depending how you look at it. I fly out to Brussels tomorrow evening as my bike is already over there courtesy of Paul Errington of Shoestring Racing fame (if I have a bad patch on Saturday I'll blame him - it's been his crazy yet brilliant idea).

I'm expecting an April fool tomorrow with an email saying the bike's still in England. I won't believe it even if it were true.

So the bags packed, tickets ready and watches synchronised. I've pretty much missed a whole chunk of the previous weeks semi-classic pro racing as most of my time has been taken up putting the mileage in...then walking the dog...and trying to rescue my garden from a winter of neglect. Even so I've kept one eye on the whole pro circus and am completely stoked to be riding and watching this weekend. Cancellara, Gilbert, Boonen, Devolder, Flecha, Hushovd, the list is pretty much endless and it's gonna be a great bunfight. Good to see Hoste racing after smashing his face in earlier in the week, although I can't see a great result, good luck anyway.

So here's some slick video footage of Garmin-Cervelo racing in Belgium until I can get some poorly composed photos posted on my return.

Yep, it's gonna be nuts!