Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The best week in the cycling calendar. Flanders and Roubaix, there aren't two better races in the world, sorry if it upsets you, it's just the way it is around here.

Riding my first Tourist RVV was an amazing experience. The number of riders, the organisation, road closures, police care, motorbike outriders and feed stop provision is phenomenal. All this to allow us to experience a small part of pro's world. If you were thinking about doing it...go. You'll be glad you did, it's mind blowing.

The actual mechanics of riding were joyous. Temperatures around 25˚C, a light breeze on the flats, dry cobble and most of the Hellingen rideable even if busy. The Koppenberg played it's hand as a bus stop and had us all grinding to a halt , shoulder to shoulder, to gently walk to the top. Even so many pro's have had the same experience and it gives you a tingle to think this (Paul & Bruno managed to ride it arriving later in the day, fantastic).

The cobble is something else, giving it full gas across the flat stretches is adrenalin x 10. Loved it. Smashing it up the Muur gave me a serious bout of giddyness. If only I'd dropped it on the big ring..ah, next time maybe.

A final thanks to my traveling companions/care providers. Paul, Bruno, Rob, Rich, many thanks for putting up with me and allowing me to practise long forgotten social skills. Paul, thanks for instigating my adventure and Bruno, many thanks for your hospitality and great respect to your ride (260km with just a few km in your legs deserves it).

RVV 260km, see you some time soon.