Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tired (sic)...

Mid summer I had all the intention to get myself on the cross tubular tyre merry go round. Well, being short of funds it was going to take an ebay trawl to find some donor parts, have them put together then find some cheap tyres to put on.

My enthusiasm pretty much diminished in the process. The donor parts vanished from the bay, cheap tubs don't exist...and if they do they're no better than clinchers anyway, and my funds began to be refocused towards the motorbike.

All's not lost though. All the funds will probably go to the moto as it needs a full set of tyres and a service... and a set of tubs won't probably increase my racing pleasure until I've fully exploited the engine that's moving em... more leg work needed chief.

Anyway Thibaud "TribalT" POULAIN rocks another French supermoto edit. Back wheel in the air anyone.