Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hot Sauce...

So Saturday was my first cross race of the season (Clayton Vale, Manchester) and provided a shock to the system from a physical intensity viewpoint and also a temperature perspective, it was stinking hot!

My race began with the regular first corner bunfight as 100 or something riders aim for a gap made for 4. It just doesn't go. As we compress, someone gets into my left lever and the next second I'm standing next to my bike...and I don't know how I got there. I remount amidst the dust and shouting and begin with what will be a nondescript race which will be a good workout but little else.

A few things I note:
  • File treads go sideways more than forward at even the whiff of moisture, never mind mud. It's fun, but that's not what we're here for (or are we).
  • I enjoyed switching to a 44/39 (from a 46) as I used more of the cassette with fewer shifts to the little ring. 45 might be the next step.
  • Tho shalt not coast ever again.
  • Racing cross in 20° heat is kinda wrong, I couldn't think about anything else but BBQ's and Mojito's all race.
  • Hi -fiving the kids lining the tape doesn't make you any faster (but is piss funny seeing the looks on their faces).
  • It'll be good to see some mud and grey sky this weekend (Bolton, Sunday). Never thought I'd say that.
Anyway managed to find some footage of the Pro's in Belgium also suffering in the heat... although my race wasn't anything like this.