Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Future...

As you've probably noticed there's been little posting action over the last month or so, and as I alluded to a while ago, I've been thinking about the future of the blog and the direction it should take.

Well with great pleasure I can announce the end of Here Come the Belgians and a refocussing of my output over at my new label superouleur (

So what happened? what changed?

Through the process of putting this blog together I've realised my interests and experiences are actually far broader than I realised and I'd like the opportunity and medium to be able to express this, something this blog could never do without destroying it's unique angle of Belgian two wheeled appreciation.

I also want to devote more time to creating a tangible product line and superouleur gives me the chance to do this. I honestly don't know why I put myself through the mill of trying to create new 'stuff' but it's something I enjoy and want to progress with.

Don't worry the HCtB team will still continue, as it's a juggernaut that can't be stopped.

So I'd like to say a final thankyou for reading my relatively amateur ramble, hope you've enjoyed it and hope you'll pay superouleur a visit.