Friday, 30 January 2009

Forget the launch party (with obligatory roller race, DJ and hipster crowd) this blog needs to get started and worrying about font size and background colour isn't going to help.

Just get on with it.

I'll get to the who, what, where (and so on) in due course, suffice to say "Here come the Belgians" is a cyclocross celebration with a healthy nod to the spring classics, especially one's run over the hallowed cobble. Oh, I'll probably get giddy about the giro, resist the tour as much as I can then get drawn into the whole shooting match with a vengeance.

First an' foremost it's cross through and through kids!

So who'll win the worlds?

Boom. Simple as that. Just my twopeneth.

The course (fast, lack of barriers, short powerful climbs with more than a hint to last years course), cold stable weather (with firm ground conditions) and having a whole nation (as well as Adrie Van De Poel) behind you, all contribute healthily to Boom's power focused riding. I expect him to go up the road, check out and TT to the finish. If this doesn't happen, the lack of trade team vs nation bickering which seems to blight the Belgian squad could also play into his hands so I wouldn't be suprised if Thijs Al was sent up the road as a softner. Then Boom will go up the road, check out and TT to the finish.

The race is on for second and crossjunkie has a far better write up than I'll attempt. I'll go for a bunch sprint for second spot, with Nys or Stybar becoming the bridesmaid.

In the women's I'd like to see Compton take the win with a podium spot for Helen Wyman. No national bias, honest.

It's all speculation at the end of the day, so expect snow, waist deep mud and Trebon (with power 'tache) to win. I'll no doubtedly be eating my words after a breathless, sweat soaked hour on Sunday - and that'll just be me watching from the sofa.