Sunday, 8 February 2009

What could have been

Caught the last lap of today's Superprestige with Nys cementing his domination of Belgian cross. The course looked a real grueller, just enough mud to crush the field, what a difference a week can make.

Which neatly takes me back to the worlds.

Great win for Albert, thoroughly deserved. Are we seeing the formation of a future Cannibal?

Suprise of the century, the belgian team working together to shut down Lars Boom and the Dutch team. Caught absolutely everyone out this one. If it's a formula repeatable in future years, Belgium's dominance of the world scene will be unassailable.

The race narrative was pretty much what I expected, hard dirt contributing to a solo effort. Did manage to get the leading actor wrong though.

Trebon knocked off by a cameraman? What? Did I hear correctly? Was the cameraman a Belgian and was he part of the Belgian team game plan. Think I'll have to scour the airwaves for international fallout.

Chapeau to Jody Crawford. 31st on the world scene is nothing to be sneezed at. Fast laps comparable to the super heroes too. Fair Play.

Suprised to see 4 Spanish riders around the top 30. Is this a fledgling thrust towards the top? As whenever I've seen a Spanish team in a Northern Classic they're hanging on for dear life with ashen faced look of fear in their eyes just waiting for the DS to tell them they've done enough and can get back in the car. All except Flecha that is (but he's Argentinian so that accounts for that).

Did anyone notice Stybar's left arm as he got on the gas. Flapping like a garden gate in a thunderstorm. Compare this to both Albert and Nys. Both absolutey
rock solid upperbody and controlled arms, transferring all the power to the pedals.

Chicken Tonight anybody?