Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Merry Goo Round

The Live Stream of the Belgian Superprestige series has been an absolute bonus this year, as more often than not I've luckily turned my machine on to find the racing's on that day and starts in half an hour, just in time to get a brew on.

This weekend saw Nys wrap the series in confident fashion, as you saw Niels Albert head drop a few corners from the finish in an admission that Nys had too much power. Given Albert's worlds success and his injury blighted season it's no disgrace.

I wonder whether Wellens will reappraise his tactics for next season as his efforts have had little reward. Shame really, I'd like to see him standing on the top step more often.

One racing maneuver really caught my eye though.In the first couple of laps Nys and Albert flew into a corner just after the pits choosing to run the next section. Whilst diving off their steads, the handlebar grip was maintained as the other hand grabbed the barrier to fly around as if travelling on a childs roundabout, a merry-goo-round nonetheless. Throughout this process the bike was left to aggressively fling itself around the outside of the rider, albeit attached to an outstretched arm. Suffice to say no one tried to ride around the outside on this corner!

I flicked through Simon Burney's book and I can't find it in there. Wonder if it'll be in the next edition?