Tuesday, 3 March 2009

There went Two Minor Classics

A quick apology for anyone who followed my link for live coverage to find a blank live feed screen, of which no amount of refreshing seemed to cure. Seems like 'Geo-restriction' was to blame (what this means I have no idea but Al Gore will undoubtedly be making a film about it in the near future).

I (like you) didn't manage to see any live footage of Het Volk/Niewsblad* and could've kicked myself on Sunday when I remembered to use cyclingfans to springboard to a French feed of Belgian footage (confused yet?). Why didn't I think of this on Saturday?

Velopix has a few photos from the weekend which portray Belgian racing in a simple honest fashion.

Man, Machine, Cobble, Hill.

*delete as applicable according to ability to embrace change (Het Volk sounds better doesn't it though).