Friday, 24 April 2009

Pilgrims & Perspectives: Time Trial

"Regrets I've had a few, but then agian.........."

We caught the race twice and were heading to the velodrome and I missed the exit for the motorway. A quick detour and we're back on course. We see the woodland surrounding the Arenberg and through the trees the cars and campers parked almost on top of each other. We know they're through this sector as we saw them just before they went in.

A few KM later and the Motorway traffic slows to a crawl. Cars start to pull into the hard shoulder, a police motorbike ambles down the inside lane paying little attention. Doors open, passengers leap out, daughter helps gran hitch up her skirt to climb over the roadside barrier.

We falter, look at each other, and decide to push on. We want to see them come into the velodrome.

They shimmy down a small embankment and are immediately on the Beuvry-la-ForĂȘt secteur. A few minutes later the race thunders through.

We make it to Roubaix, drink a coffee and walk to the Velodrome, yet wonder if we could have made an unscheduled motorway pit stop.

Maybe next time. Maybe.