Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Degrees of Endeavor

This post was going to be a deep thinking, somewhat personal look at the concept of suffering and resultant glory found at the end of the wheel and road combined ordeal. The only trouble is I can't consolidate my thoughts enough to contribute to the discussion. Not yet anyway.

This post was instigated as a response to this this piece by Crossjunkie.

Which is interesting that the next piece I read is this by The Everyday Athlete, which definitely has Heidi's perspective to hardship.

I then read this on Fyxomatosis, as a direct challenge to the theory that hard fought effort gives the greatest reward. Look at these people, riding cobble having a great time!

So I now have to go away and have a real good think about this. I have a feeling my theories will have Captain Scott in there somewhere.

To the post hungry amonst you I'm working on a couple more Roubaix bits, some Classics artwork and some Classics bits and bobs, now the Pro Peleton has moved on to riding day after day. After day.

And we think riding on cobble is hard (more interesting though isn't it?).