Monday, 25 May 2009

The Cool. pt. 2

Continuing my Giro inspired delving into the personal qualities that combine to produce Sprezzatura.

My initial nomination was the great Merckx himself yet I questioned whether anyone had it in today's Pro Peleton.

So here's a few names to think about:

Di Luca: Has a high Sprezzatura quota. At ease at the sign in, happy to chat on the road yet blank faced with no sign of emotion when the hammer goes down. A sense of style also (consider last years different colour stead from team mates).

Cancellara: On form he has it in spades. Whilst this year hasn't gone to plan, future Roubaix's will probably be won with an understated flair.

Contador: I'm not a fan at all but his ease on the bike, nice guy personality countered with killer instincts make for a modern day Indurain with personality.

Pozzato: Probably understands too much about Sprezzatura yet his effort to be uber cool causes his failure to attain the state of being.

Cavendish: Probably can't spell it, never mind be it.

Voigt: Crossjunkie's pick this. Hasn't got it in the riding style as he wears his heart on his sleeve in every successful breakaway. Heart of a Lion though.

Armstrong: None what so ever. From the riding to the media scrum it's just not cool. I won't waste anymore time discussing him. Go to Pave and The Service Course for further opinion.

But what about cross?

Nys: Has it. Simple as that

Albert, Boom: Have the beginnings of it, which with develop further as they're still young pups and prone to the odd outburst.

Wellens: Has some of it, yet is too emotional to be a complete iceman.

Vervecken: Has it via the appreciation of the whole that comes with age.

Anyone else?

Brands like Rapha (is there anyone else like Rapha?) have it. The epitome of calm collected style, whilst the designers are staying up to two in the morning panicing at the looming deadline.

Gianni Savio (Diqui....... team boss) has it. Check the hair and the suits. If only he could transfer it to his team kit.

Malcolm Elliott: Taught Castiglione the meaning of Sprezzatura.

So what does does this have to do with us, the average rider, and where does Giovanni Agnelli come into it?