Tuesday, 26 May 2009

It's a Rest Day.

A rest day for the for the Giro but unfortunately not for me (not that I mind). I've become the proud parent (I mean owner) of a puppy that in 4 short days has turned from innocent babe to teenage tearaway. I'm being hazed by a 10 week old dog! He'll grow out of it eventually....Actually no he won't as his dad hasn't.

Expect to see the little man appear in ink at a later date (no I'm not talking tat's either).

With this in mind I don't think yesterdays post went the way I wanted it to go. Late nights, early mornings, pee & poo put paid to that. Sprezzatura's interesting, so for my next look at it I'll take some time to think and prize the dog from my ankle (it's hurts believe me).

I'm probably preaching to the converted but Competitive Cycling's what's new section is getting better and better. It's unbelievable how the writing has struck a cord with me over the last few editions. The recent post has a word in it that is as interesting as Sprezzatura, starts with s ends with c. You fill in the blanks.

As a result of a link from Said 'what's new', Michael Barry's writing has become a must read. His descriptive and metaphorical ability combined with his coalface perspective are refreshing and inspirational.

As you've seen I illustrate and design and string some words together to fill the gaps. My energy's being strengthened by wrestling a small dog into submission and want to do some more stuff. I'm musing an update to my logotype whilst scratching my chin on thoughts of riding kit (I have cap designs waiting in the wings), with the ultimate aim of competing this years cross season as a team concern (for team read small, humble, soul based concept). At the moment just thoughts, yet thoughts containing energy with a strong DIY ethic.

Enough words where's my pencil....