Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The bike sends you insane, it's true. I'm slowly losing my mind and it's all the bicycle's fault.

Just a couple of examples.

I'm out for a quick blast on one of my regular routes and as I near home I see a name plaque on a building that reads "Molly Cameron". I do a mental eyerubbing, read it again and realise it says "Holly Cottage". Where the heck did that come from? I think I need to drink more while I ride.

Not ten minutes ago, I'm doing a bit of research for some future posts (yep, I'm that sad/thorough/bizarre). I'm flicking from site to site and read a sub head "The Road is the most Important". I'm hooked. Is it some epic tale of merciless road riding or racing. Erm no... A film about an average streets clothes washing habits... Sorry made that up, I clicked on when I realised it wasn't about the bike, never reading past the headline.

Finally I'm sitting here with a tweaked left calf (from pushing the motobike in the garage - that ridiculous) fretting that I won't be able to put a decent ride in this weekend. When I don't even need to.

The bike's sending me insane. Good though isn't it.