Monday, 11 May 2009

Dopest of the Dope, better believe I'm the Dopest

It's the last thing I'll say on it...

Rebellin was going to get the poster treatment, but that's all gone to pot (or should that be cera) and now the green arrow has been banned from the Italian pub/bar/brewpub (delete as geographically applicable) for two years.

So until the next cycling newsflash, here's a whole wealth of cycling history and it's black arts, even if it's a wiki and half of it was made up, it's a decent read.

The task of rounding off this post goes to my brother Rob, veteran of many trips to the Classics, with what I thinks a funny quote;

"We once went into a bar in outer Liege called the Sheffield Pub, very scary indeed. The hotel manager where we stayed told us not to do drugs in our room, he must have seen the bikes."

Wonder whether the manager was differentiating between performance enhancing or recreational?