Monday, 4 May 2009

Mr Monsieur

Monsieur Roubaix, no not Roger De Vlaeminck, the man behind the voice - Daniel Mangeas.

Roubaix Velodrome wouldn't be the same without his running commentary, delivered from the silver ball (middle pic you can just see it/him) dropped from planet Mangeas. His voice booms around the packed stand and ricochets off the trees behind us.

We thought he was quiet one year. A sound tech. wanders to our end of the track, kicks a speaker and we're assured he isn't quiet by the volume blast we experience.

If you're lucky enough to get in the Velodrome with time to spare and have a decent view of the big screen, his voiceover reinforces the effort and emotion you're witnessing onscreen, until they turn the corner into the track and you add your own voice.

The best Roubaix commentary even if you only understand half of what's said.

Favourite Mangeas word: Donc. Pronounced DON - KER

Favourite Mangeas moment. The railway incident when the barrier came down, he spoke, we all fell silent.

As a side note there was a band that entertained us in the velodrome last year, they looked like scruffy bloody students but played their horns like virtuoso's. I could even hear them over the TV commentary this year. If anyone know's if they have a CD let me know as I'll buy a copy.

mmm, I wish I was a scruffy bloody student again.