Monday, 4 May 2009

Fame & Glory

Every year you return home and watch the race that you recorded to fill in the gaps in your experience. Then a few days later, as the photographer's upload their hard fought photos you scour throught them, partly to relive the race and partly to see if you're on any.

Sad but true, surely everyone does this, don't they?

So when Jeremy Dunn posted his reports and photo's from Roubaix on the Embrocation blog I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The only time we miss in recent years and a photo is taken that would've proudly adorned our mantlepiece, had we been standing in our regular spot.

So to redress the balance, here's what was missing.

P.S. We would've been filling the gap next to the guy with the yellow jacket, not crowding the racing line like lunatics - this isn't the Carrefour de l'arbre!