Monday, 11 May 2009

That's Life...

Aaargh Tom, what's going on?

From ascending King of Classics to fallen partyboy, that has everyone walking around shaking their heads in disbelief. Ah Hum....

And 3's my lucky number.. ironic.

Anyways we're not going to get judgemental or preachy here, it would be great to see Boonen destroy more Roubaix lineups and challenge the title of Mr Roubaix for most wins, so I'll leave it to Duane Peters (drug addled pro skater) to offer the musical advice wrapped up in the US Bombs version of Big Frank's (ole blue eyes) That's Life... (have a click and a read, blog junkie)

It has a feeling of - I saw this and though of you to it. So if Tom starts wearing eyeliner, spiking his hair and gettin' too's the warning signs are there.

For those of you looking at me through squinting eyes... I know,I know... this is supposed to be a cycling blog.

It doesn't harm the cyclist to have a variety of interests though, just maybe not the one's Tom's into.