Thursday, 9 July 2009

All you can eat

I've been away from the keyboard, you probably noticed, yet I haven't been away from a computer. My recent activity (more on that in another post) has kept me working late without the energy nor mental capacity to produce anything more meaningful than a mumble for another mini beer reviver.

I've turned into a consumer and Le Tour's turned us all into eaters at the grand tour buffet. This year seems a whole platter of insanity, it's like the chef decided to serve dessert in between starter and main. My taste buds are on fire.

So here's my contribution to the party. A mild diversion from the prolonged bicycle chess match. The reason we're here. Cross on!

Prepare, turn the sound on, don't watch it all or your ears will bleed.

Do you think you like Cyclocross? I don't think you do.

On a better note (Joke intended) here's some inspiration for the crossista as I know our thought are turning to the leaves falling even though they're in full bloom.

Niels Albert's return to fitness. Great footage of him ripping through the woods.