Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Having a relatively artistic temperament, you can be prone to the odd black day. Black is maybe too extreme but sounds better than a Pantone Cool grey 9 day, although in Stockport Cool Grey 9 would be very appropriate somedays.

Anyway, yesterday I was off form. I've come through a period of blog inactivity, finally managed to get out and ride, started to get some drawings together, am collaborating on a great project I wish I could spill the beans on, yet yesterday I just felt low, apathetic and demotivated.

I returned home (after a day of sunshine) to see the heavens open and washout any chance of a decent spin. I sank lower.

Then I started drawing... and got somewhere.
I watched some tv and laughed out loud...
I went to bed... and awoke feeling on top form.

Then I flick back to bartape.net this morning, on the off chance the Roubaix video is posted... and it was. I saw the Flanders clip and whilst enjoying it, I wasn't fully satisfied.

I'll just say my spirits are soaring.

Overlook the best bike/team sales pitch yada yada and soak up some of the images on the 11 minute film.

It's very good for your soul.