Tuesday, 28 July 2009

With a voracious appetite for blog based bicycle reading, I've been battling the inner demon which has had me sitting back and soaking it all up without reciprocating and putting some effort (and content) back into it.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Ryan and Whit's coverage of Le Tour. I've given up on any pretension to write with flair and poise, I'll leave it to these guys (I'll stick to scribbling). On the flip side Cylingnews has just about had it with me, they may as well remove news from the title, or was that part of the redesign strategy?

I love this post by Molly Cameron. I empathise with his preseason wobble concerning the effort he's putting in as the outcome is, as yet unknown. I'm feeling the same although my training effort is inversely proportionate to his. The complexities of life transpire to make my recent training hours short (mmm, that's very short) whilst relatively intense. I'll race well this coming season, if they shorten races to 15 minutes.

The British weather has also transpired to rain on our parade. Literally. Non-stop.

Time off the bike isn't all bad thought. Late June we landscaped the garden. 10 days, glorious sunshine, early mornings and late finishes. I lost 6 pounds without trying, forget calorie counting and restrictive eating...go garden. I wonder if Wiggins used this method as his weigh loss strategy.

Advertising dollars spent sponsoring cyclists work. One week I'm looking at this thumbs up, the next week I'm inspired to buy gabions by said company to install in the garden. The fact they were bang on price, easy to build and close by made no difference...Honest.

Anyway, time to get drawing...and riding.