Friday, 7 August 2009

Stop the Bus...

Can someone stop the bus... I want to get on.

Two cross sessions down and my estimation of progress has been halted. Any concept of form with the steady state road wheels and a constant (although pot holed and pavé'd) surface provide, have been dealt a cruel blow. The switch to cross skills has leveled my field whilst I play on the field.

Dismount, Mount, Dismount, Remount. A mantra soon to be reverberating around the hidden corners of our greenspaces and a skill set I blatantly need to practise.

The racing season countdown is on in earnest. Even though our summer has been autumnal in weather conditions (we don't have summer anymore just spring, pre-autumn, autumn, winter) there hasn't been any concept of time running out, a fuse slowly reaching it's powder keg. Until now.

I've even cut my hair to be faster.

It's that serious.*

*Actually it isn't. As dog owners eventually look like their animals, so cartoonists must look like their characters.