Monday, 10 August 2009

Fuelling the Fire...

A preseason increase in training intensity won't get far without an increase in fuelling. And what's the most important meal? Breakfast, my friends!

Seriously, last year I ate toast prior to racing and was timely visited by the man with the hammer. It was a blip in my general breakfast health, as my normal regime revolves around oat based cereal. Namely Muesli.

Muesli you ask? Well let's have a look.

Muesli was invented around 1900 by Maximilian Birchner-Benner a Swiss physician. Comprising of uncooked rolled oats, nuts and fruit. It can be either dry or fresh and great fuel for riding, but you probably knew that already.
What I didn't know was it was originally called 'd'Spys' (German Swiss for 'the dish') and whilst I eat it with milk and I get the concept of it being eaten with yoghurt, I gather it can be mixed with hot chocolate or coffee (latte rather than double espresso). You probably eat it that way already.

The thing is I don't and in an attempt to challenge my conservative British palette I will endeavour to savour the delights of a bowl of d'Spys mixed with the finest coffee I can find in the hidden depths of my fridge (I'm sure there's a sealed tin of Illy somewhere in there).

I might do a review once I've sampled it.

If it's a favourable review I might try to ride after sampling it.

The photo? Tasty nuts? A parts bin from the Brooks Bicycle Saddle factory. I have a few more Lucky Charms from this place that will be gracing these pages in time to come.