Friday, 9 October 2009

Can't see the wood..

...for the cyclocrossers weaving through the tree's.

I feel like I've had a bit of down time on the blog yet with our busy lives there's been quite a bit happening. Racing and training have taken precedence in my valuable free time, with a good few hours spent either frequenting my local park, trail and secret space. The turbo has wakened far too early and has developed an earsplitting squeal, so much so, I was forced to abandon ship and finish a session early to retain my sanity and eardrums.

I've regained my mojo concerning my drawing and have some to upload, I try not to pressure myself into producing output yet I feel like a slacker when I don't. It feels great when you're inspired, get a vibe and want to do something creative. The only thing holding me back is current thinking in space and time. Come on theoretical physicists the world over, let us into the secret of time travel.

The Belgian pro cross ranks head to Namur this weekend, and I'm sure I could conjure a headline from the the words Citadel, Prince and Albert but I won't. Albert's put everyone to the sword so far (3 for 3) and the focus has been on Nys' poor form. The season's only in it's early stages yet, lets not forget Albert's tree incident that put him in hospital and out of action for a good chunk of the season, so there's plenty of time to see Nys come good. Yet the rabid sportsfan always wants results NOW and we may be seeing a changing of the guard. Time to start looking at the U23's to figure out another young pretender.

Back to Namur. I fumbled through the Sporza report airing Albert's concerns that the course is for Mountainbikers ands today had some clarity from cxmag (my flemish isn't so good). So with this in mind maybe Albert should fit a moto....make that maybe everyone else should fit a moto to keep up. The two video clips show the huge elevation transitions of the area. The first is retro, grainy and is right at home at Here Come the Belgians. The second is short and sweet but shows the height gain eloquently.

So what's next? More training, more racing, some drawing and getting stoked on the Belgian cross season.