Friday, 23 October 2009

Checking in...


I'm still here, don't worry, don't fret, I haven't handed in the key to the blog rental, it's just that it's veldrijden season and we're veldrijding. Don't believe me? Check out some great photos here and race reports here. Whilst I'm obviously chasing form both in the legs and lungs (come on lungs don't let me down) I'm pleased to see my path to facial austerity coming to fruition.

A little bit of a round up post rather than thorny issues...although is this the beginning of one? I have an angle I wish to pursue in another post, ON YOUR LEFT!!

Great videos on Andy Waterman's blog, at last as an English speaker you get the inside story. Oh and while Andy's a Stybar fan I think I root for Albert... Does that allow us to dress in supporters club jackets, heckle each other and throw beer on our opposing rider (or rubber chicken at Stybar's chicken wing)?

Cobble addicts need to check Geoff Waugh's photo's here. Then sit back in a semi comatose state of euphoria until the next hit*... or spring. It's not far away (don't say that I'm enjoying cross too much) and apparently Lars Boom's focusing his effort on the classics. Does my Boom/Boonen showdown seem closer to reality? *Arenberg - a two hit process. The bike hits the cobble, you hit the ground.

Pavé blog have a kit. Cool Eurostyling at work.

Have a look at the 'flick through' of embrocation mag no.4 Undeniably makes me want to buy it... or figure a way of scaling the video whilst maintaining resolution to have a read.

Back home.

Simon Nurse (future HCTB rider) is promoting his race in Cardiff this weekend. Apparently the speed has gone up this year so bring the nitrous or pray for rain.

I'm putting some artwork together for Chipps at Singletrack mag for the Todmorden cross (3rd Jan) watch out for the artwork, then be there to see the craziness.

Team HCTB are soon to have some apparel...well t-shirts to be exact and if there's enough demand beyond the team bus, we may release the design for general consumption. We may also have beanie hats, but they seem to cost a fortune, so we may not. I'll keep you posted by posting, but not by post as they're on strike - I can post but it won't be delivered. OK?

Velocake slink into my bloglist. Cake + Kernow + cycling = class.

There it is, I'm spent and now need to call upon Blackalicious to round out this post with wordsmithery beyond my lowly apprentice like skill... while I return to the artboard.