Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Crossmas!!

Just a quick post to wish everyone out there a Happy Christmas. May Santa bring you good form to battle through the snow in your local cross outing - I hope he brings me some, yet I feel my rendezvous with liquid Christmas cheer may scupper that (see you all at Macc Supercross).

The holidays are soon upon us (we're counting down the hours, minutes, seconds) and I can't wait for the festivities to begin (bread sauce anyone?). I'm also feeling a little excitement for the coming Belgian cross races as I think a head to head (can you have that between 3) battle will erupt, the protagonists being Nys, Stybar and Albert. It throws me back to the excitement I had as a child scanning the TV guide (pre digital print kids!) to plan my morning viewing of BMX Beat and waiting for Andy Ruffell to go into raptures as Pepi Winder pulls a Cherrypicker.


So have a good one, eat, drink and be merry, I'm searching my SKY planner for Worlds Strongest Man.