Monday, 22 February 2010

What's next...

Our cold season is over, well it would be if someone had told the weather gods.

Our cross season is finally over. We've raced hard, slipped & slithered, crashed, broken bike parts yet never had broken spirits. Best of all we've laughed hard and had a great time. I'll try and recap some of our experiences over the next few weeks and posts.

So here's looking forward. The Classics.

I'm genuinely excited. I've suffered a couple of weeks of post cross blues, luckily reinvigorating myself by putting together a single speed to train on through the foul weather, just a little nod to the training tactics of our all time heroes. Add to that the discovery of Roubaixesque country lanes (yes, cobbles) and I'm primed for the spring.

So to something that's inspired me. It maybe an old clip but the monochrome kit and hard riding have given me inspiration for my own single adventures, especially on the uphill at the breakdown (minus the downhill jellyleggedness).